About Run and Beyond

Running, healthy eating, traveling, reading, yoga, fitness and meditation. Written by an enthusiastic long-distance runner.


Előd Császár

I am Előd, the author of this blog. I focus on a healthy lifestyle that includes long-distance running, healthy eating, traveling, reading, yoga, fitness and meditation.

I have more than ten years of experience with websites and blogging. I have created my first website around 2003 and I have started blogging around 2007. Although these websites are long gone, now I write a successful blog in Hungarian, Szedd a lábad!, that I have started in 2013.

Run and Beyond started in 2016.

Despite the fact that I have some serious vision problems that limit me from doing a lot of things, I don’t let them stop me from reaching my dreams.

Blogging is a great way to share my adventures and everything I have learned during the years. Be careful, sometimes posts may get a bit too technical as I am a logical thinking person — I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computer science.

Running and Other Activities

I have started running regularly in 2011 and completed my first marathon only six months later. Although running became my main sport instantly, I experimented a lot with mountain biking, dancing, workouts, yoga, fitness programs, weight training, functional training, swimming, hiking and other sports and activities.

I experiment with running too, as I always want to achieve the best performance possible. I have tried dozens of training programs, created by a coach or by me. I try out everything that looks good, e.g. minimalist running, foam rolling, GPS watches, cross-training, energy gels, ice baths, compression clothing, etc. — some of these work for me and others don’t.

I have even run in huarache sandals for a few months!

Top 5 percent
Top 5 percent

I have run more than 10,000 kilometers and completed more than 70 races — including ten marathons. I finish in the top 5 percent at the races.

Healthy Eating

I consider food much more important than fitness — it is the basis of our health. Therefore I pay attention to what I eat.

As with sports I experimented a lot with foods. I have tried a lot of different diets during the years until I have found the perfect one, and that is unique to me. To figure it out I had to try a lot of things until I have realized what do I like, what gives me energy and what makes me feel better. I have also found out that I am sensitive to a lot of foods and I feel compassion towards animals.

Most of the time I make my own food that consist of fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, mushrooms and grains.

I drink mostly water, sometimes a glass of tea and occasionally a sports drink — no alcohol, no soda, no milk.

I never had any weight problems, and beside getting a cold now and then, I am healthy.

And Beyond

I like traveling, especially to see the beauty of nature all around the world.

I read a ton of books to learn as much as I can. My main topics are running, diets, recipes, autobiographies, travel guides, meditation and self-development.

I do yoga to stretch my muscles.

I do other sports beside running to add variety. My favorites are dancing, mountain biking and ice skating.

I meditate to calm down my mind.

And I share as much as I can about these through this blog.