About Run and Beyond

Running, healthy eating, traveling, reading, yoga, fitness and meditation. Written by an enthusiastic long-distance runner.

Run and Beyond focuses on living a healthy lifestyle that includes long-distance running, healthy eating, traveling, reading, yoga, fitness and meditation. It started in 2016.

Running and Fitness

The author of this blog started running regularly in 2011 and completed his first marathon only six months later. Although running became his main sport instantly, he tried out mountain biking, dancing, body-weight fitness, weight training, yoga, fitness programs, functional training, swimming, hiking and other sports and activities.

He experiments with running too, as he always wants to achieve the best performance possible. He tried out dozens of training programs, created by a coach or by himself. He experimented with minimalist running, foam rolling, GPS watches, cross-training, energy gels, ice baths, compression clothing, etc. — to see what works and what does not.

He even run in huarache sandals for a few months!

Top 5 percent
Top 5 percent

He has run more than 15,000 kilometers and completed more than 100 races — including eleven marathons. Although he is not an elite runner, he usually ranks in the top 5 percent at the races.

Healthy Eating

The author considers food much more important than fitness — it is the basis of our health. Therefore he pays attention to what he eats.

As with sports he experimented a lot with foods. He has tried out a lot of different diets during the years until he has found the perfect one, and that is unique to him. To figure it out he had to try a lot of things until he have realized what does he like, what gives him energy and what makes him feel better. He has also found out that he is sensitive to a lot of foods and he feels compassion towards animals.

He never had any weight problems, and beside getting a cold now and then, he is healthy.

And Beyond

The author of this blog likes traveling, especially to see the beauty of nature all around the world.

He reads a ton of books to learn as much as he can. His main topics are running, diets, autobiographies, travel guides, meditation, philosophy, biology, physics and self-development.

He does yoga to gain some flexibility and hikes or mountain bikes in a forest to relax his mind. When winter arrives he puts on his ice skates or dancing shoes.

And he shares all of this through this blog.