Fen Drayton Lakes

A small, but gorgeous nature reserve with highly diversified flora and fauna. Quiet, perfect for relaxation, walking and birdwatching.

The Fen Drayton Lakes is a nature reserve close to Cambridge, UK. It consists of several lakes, small and big ones situated very close to each other. Also the Great Ouse river flows here. It is actively managed by RSPB.

The area is appropriate for plants and animals, so there is a high variety of them. There are reeds, grassy areas, bushes and wooded areas, as well all kinds of birds, fishes, insects and some domestic animals — sheep and cattle.

Although it is a beautiful area only a small number of people know about it, therefore it is very quiet and perfect for relaxation. You can easily walk or cycle on the paths and dirt roads around the lakes. There are plenty of maps and signs placed out, so it is impossible to get lost. There are benches and bird watching views at every few hundred meters to rest and enjoy the nature to its fullest.

Contrary to other nature reserves it is easily accessible by car or public transport — there is a bus stop and a car park in the middle of it. The journey from Cambridge is about twenty minutes.

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