9 Recommended Books for Runners to Learn and Improve

To learn and improve you should read books and apply the obtained knowledge. They cover topics such as running, diet, technique, training plans and Kenyan secrets. Not just for runners.

The best way to learn about running is to read books and if you apply the knowledge obtained you will improve.

If you would you like to become faster, have a proper technique, create your own training plans, understand how heart rate based training works, know what you should eat, unravel the secrets of the Kenyans or just want to have a good time reading the story of a great athlete, pick up one of the books listed below.

I have read all of them and can recommend them to any runner — but you will enjoy the majority of them even if you don’t run. While the main topic is the same — running — it is written about it from a different perspective in each book.

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The 5 Phases of Marathon Training

Marathon training is divided into different phases. Understanding the role of these helps creating personalized training plans, thereby training and racing better.

Training for a marathon is a long process, it takes a few months. The training plans use different phases to prepare the body for the race. It is good to know what these phases are and what you can achieve by completing them.

There are five phases of the marathon training — these also work for any long-distance race. Most of the training plans you will find are 12-24 weeks long, but they include only the middle three phases, leaving out the first and the last one. To successfully prepare for a marathon you need all the five phases.

Understanding the role of each phase is very helpful to create or modify a training plan to your individual taste. This way you can improve both your weaknesses and strengths. A personalized plan is always better than a general one.

If you want to immerse in the details, read a book about marathon training. The most popular ones were written by Pete Pfitzinger, Jack Daniels and Hal Higdon.

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